Rollout examples

EPoS installation; 1800 site hardware deployment & training - Supermarket Chain

Retail Proj1 Ex20

Time critical terminal rollout to 1800 supermarket stores including project management, asset & distribution management, installation and training. The equivalent of 10 fulltime engineers at maximum productivity ensured that a 5 week window was met.

Terminal Deployment to 2000+ sites - Retail Merchants

AzteQ has completed an end-to-end project based on the de-installation and installation of retail terminals and on site terminal training for end users. The rollout completed over a nine-week period, on time and included the provision of a project management/co-ordination function.

Server racking across 350 sites - Retail Chain

AzteQ has successfully completed 3 linked projects, managing in excess of 30 engineers and all aspects of logistical handling of equipment from FSL for delivery to site. The onsite activities included site surveys, deployment, installing server racking together with cabling, patching, & software builds.

300 site EPoS upgrade – High Street Retailer

Working on a typical overnight store upgrade programme, AzteQ completed the upgrade of 450 tills across 300 sites. Each till had to be de-installed, decommissioned and a new EPoS installed, configured and tested to the customer’s specification. The project involved nite time windows and efficient coordination to enable full co-operation with other providers carrying out other critical activities such as shop-fitting, communications and power.

Patch installation for c7300 users - Financial Institution

A short-notice requirement saw AzteQ use approximately 20 engineers to apply remote patches onto thousands of office-based PCs. A semi-automatic installation allowed multiple workstations to be upgraded simultaneously in order to meet tight deadlines. The overnight work was completed successfully and floorwalkers were provided to ensure any snags were dealt with promptly.

Cabling, telephony and WiFi integration - Hotel Chain

Connectivity and telephone line installs to integrate the requirements of the front desk and back-office, as well surveys and installation for new WiFi zones.

Retail Proj2 Ex20

IP address reassignment for 1200 users - Financial Institution

Azteq scheduled and managed engineers to carry out the network changes and provided the client with custom daily reporting and audit trail data.

Broadband connectivity across 100 sites - Hotel Chain

Head end building & testing, installation of Ethernet modules, placement and connection of terminals, patching of network and data cabling.

Network Cabling and Hardware install for 80 sites - Hospitality Chain

Site surveys over 80 sites across the country. Site installation including cabinet, data cabling and power installation. Hardware and EPoS terminal installations, including hub, router and power box.

Site support examples

HHT support

12,000 site estate HHT break-fix & installation services 99% next day SLA - Global Retail Product Provider. BAU activities covering hardware storage, configuration, serialisation, logistics distribution, installation, training.

EPoS and data cabling

650 site estate data cabling/EPoS break- x & installation services 95% next day SLA - Hospitality Chain. BAU activities for network cabling IMAC activities.

Data cabling

400 site estate data cabling break-fix & installation services 95% next day SLA - Hospitality Chain. BAU activities for network cabling IMAC activities.